Miss Heritage Global 2019

Well I would like thank everyone who voted and supported my girl Emily Ayen, just know she made us proud.

She came 2nd Runner up in the miss Heritage Global 2019 that took place in Accra Ghana which most of you already knew.

So thanks again everyone for the love and support, and cong’s to our queen miss Emily.

Miss Heritage Global 2019

Well just a couple of days left for my placement to come to end then updates will start flowing… But I guess I should start on August 1st so please prepare for a marathon 😄.

Now back to the issue at hand… My friend Emily still needs your support. Please vote Emily Ayen for miss Heritage Global 2019.

Thanks 😊 



Hello friends, yes work is still keeping me busy and also still in the amazing journey of changing the world and the lives of young people.

Leaving that aside, please meet my friend Emily Ayen, she is the current miss Tourism Karamoja Region and also changing the lives of many youths and young people in the ICS program and now also representing Uganda for the Miss Heritage global contest.

It’s our turn to make a difference in the world.

Please vote Uganda daily, it’s on for 40 days. Cast your votes- your voice matters, let’s change the world together.

And please don’t forget to share widely. https://pageantvote.net/pageants/132/contestants/576?voted=true

Have a blessed and lovely week.

#we are restless

#we are young people, And yes we can change lives.