FIFA WORLD CUP POEM 2018- ”The Beauty of Football”.

I have always loved football and even played it in High school. I hope you enjoy the poem below.

The beauty of football”.

Football, what a beautiful sport I remember the old days when i use to have such deep passion for foot ball. lost it, then regained it. From playing to now watching it Cos its one of the best sports in the world. Football is more than just a sport, Its a common language that is shared by many And that is what makes it so beautiful and unique.

FIFA world cup, bringing people together. What a popular sport ,bring people together from around the world- From Africa, Europe among others. For every 4 years the world cup is played. Players representing their countries with such deep love. And fans travel from around the world to support their countries. One world on the same pitch- Catching the beauty of football.

Football & the world cup- representing the beauty of the sport; the crowd roar on the edges of their seats. Screaming with their faces full of joy; crying and laughing when their countries win or lose. Majority wishing to go and watch the games live but only a few could afford. But still in the spirit of unity and togetherness they form groups to watch on TVs. B’se that’s the true beauty of football.

Football, what a beautiful sport passion driven; maker of legends & timeless skills. Everyone’s sport, whether rich or poor. Football is a sport of the heart, joy, skills & honor. Many young people look up to big stars like David Beckham, Messi, Ronaldo and not forgetting our very own onyango. And that keep most of the young ones going forward. Thus showing the true beauty of football.

Football, what a beautiful sport showing us the true meaning of competition- a survival for the fitest. The football players struggle & hustles They do their very best- its all about team work knowing that their task is to win & enjoy. Working hard to make their countries and the fans proud.

So come on- lets watch the games And enjoy the best of the bests. Russia here we come – and we can’t wait to catch up with the events. And thank you coca cola and the rest for sponsoring this wonderful event- bringing us the magic in football.


Thanks for Reading.