Dream job ::Day 23 of 31

It’s very difficult for one to actually get his or her dream job but I guess that is why it’s called a ‘ dream job’.

But if you don’t dream about it, you might never get it so I think its better to keep on dreaming even when it seems impossible to achieve or acquire it.

So about my dream job, 

It should be something that I love doing like things to do with computer-( writing,reading, drafting legal documents,giving reviews and others) but don’t get me wrong I love my career and most of the legal work a lot but — going to court- not so much.

And I also like being my own boss. Bosses can be tough sometimes as well as annoying.
Above all, I would like a job that would not deny me the freedom of worship. Some people work constantly through out the week and some jobs are given based on a person’s religion.

But people should always put God first before everything else.

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#what is your dream job?