Placement ::Week 1::

The first week of placement was from 2nd June 2019 to 8th June 2019.

In this week, we got to find out our counterparts and team and I found out that I was going to go to Nakirubi in kangulumira sub-county, Kayunga district.

That’s Kangulumira team::

And my teammates/counterparts were Alexandra Cheetham, Phillippa Jane Chapman and Namatovu Catherine.

That’s the photo we took before heading to the placement/host home.

It rained the whole day when we were traveling but we still manage to reach safely and settled in with our host family.

That’s me with our host dad, mom and sister… More about them later.

We also met with the school, teachers, stakeholders, youth groups and conducted , inductions, our first SRHR session in school, livelihood session with out of school youth group and also formed our social accountability club.

Thanks for reading, more updates coming up.

Daily quotes :: Take 3 on friendship’

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you you”

By Oprah Winfrey.

Im not sure if I have a lot to say about today’s quote. But the fact is that when you surround yourself with good people or in the company of good friends good things will always happen to you.

Unlike being in a bad company where you are always falling in trouble and troubles keep finding you.