Day 19:: Favourite Christmas meal: ::CBC 2017

Yeeyiii food… Definitely chicken.

My favourite Christmas meal is definitely chicken all the way round.. Whether deep fried, boiled or cooked any how. Of coz with rice, matooke and Irish.

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Day 18:: Write what Christmas sounds like:: CBC 2017::

Seriously this is more like yesterday’s post. But to me Christmas sounds like a celebration… The moment I hear the word Christmas, I always start imagining the food, the gifts, the decorations, among others. It’s definitely a party. A birthday party of our lord Jesus Christ.

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Day 17:: Write what Christmas smells like:: CBC 2017::

Now this is just funny and kinda difficult. Well, Christmas does have a special smell if you have ever noticed. There are always special fragrance and scents put on Christmas decorations.

Now writing what Christmas really smells like… Hmmmmm .  I’m not really sure what to tell you guys will first have to wait for this year’s Christmas.  Anyways feel free to tell me what Christmas smells like. I would love to know.

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Day 8:: favourite Christmas book. ::CBC 2017

To be honest, i have not read a lot of Christmas books. But there is that one book which I can’t seem to get out of my mind. A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens’. 

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I remember reading this book along time ago and can’t seem to everything in it. But it’s s really nice book and contains the most important aspect’_what Christmas is all about 100%. 

It is definitely a book that I would recommend to others also considering the fact that I have enjoyed some of the movie adaptations like Mickey mouse n muppets.

Like I said, I read the book a long time ago but definitely looking forward to reading it this Christmas.

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Day 7:: Most memorable Christmas. ::CBC 2017

It was definitely the year the triplets were born. It was December 2000 when my mum gave birth to our last born(s)… Triplets although one passed on leaving us two amazing girls.

That Christmas was so special and memorable because I celebrated when both parents were still alive, all my relatives were present, great meal, nice clothes.. I still remember the dress I wore even though I don’t have the picture. 

All in all, we had a blast that Christmas something which is worth remembering.

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