Day 12:: Favourite christmas tradition:: CBC 2017::

Now this is easy, for me it’s definitely the decorations and food. I love eating and its even better during Christmas.

The chicken, beef, and all sorts of delicious dishes are always available and of coz more delicious than the ones cooked on ordinary day.
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15 of my favourite things ::Day 11 of 31

Now let’s take a look at this list.

1. Praise n worship


I love praising and worshiping God so much in that it is my number one on the list of fave things. I praised and worshiped God everyday.

The remaining things are really not in order.

2. Watching movies


My Saturday nights are mainly for watching movies and I only miss when am totally fixed.

3. Listening to music


I listen to all kinds of music but I  love gospel music more.

4. Playing computer games.


Computer games helps me a lot especially when I’m stressed.



I don’t do a lot of shopping because its done by my elder sister most of the time but I really like it.



Currently, I’m not reading any novel because I’m a little busy but I love reading novels, essays, poems, blog posts and also cases there are some cases which are so interesting.

7. Travelling


Even though, I haven’t been outside Uganda, I have toured most parts of the country and I always enjoy it.

8. Cooking


I have always loved and enjoyed cooking and I cook everyday except when I’m fixed.

9. Chatting


I don’t do a lot of talking but texting.
10. Making friends


I make new friends almost everyday.

11.Being myself


Everyday I’m myself, I don’t like pretending to be someone or something that am not.

12. Watching sports activities


I enjoy watching football, netball, basketball, volleyball and others

13. Visiting my sisters


I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers but we only see two of our sisters once year, just know visiting them is among my fave things.

14. Spending time with friends.


The image explains it all.

15. Attending parties.
I don’t go for parties very often but I like it.

(Image sources- Google images)