Making Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Items needed::

  • Stove or charcoal stove
  • Water
  • Sauce pan
  • Packaging bottles.


  1. White oil 1/4
  2. Jelly oil 1kg
  3. Lanoline 1/4
  4. Perfume
  5. Colour a drop or 1/4


  • Light up your stove.
  • Then put your saucepan on to warm up but make sure the fire is moderate.
  • Start by getting your jelly oil to melt
  • Then pour your white oil and monitor.
  • Add lanoline and monitor.
  • Then remove it from fire to cool for sometimes.
  • Then add perfume and colour and stir.
  • Prepare your bottles and transfer the oil to the bottles.
  • After give it time to cool and the Vaseline will be ready for use.

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Trigger drama… Gender equality- in school.(primary)

Well our team also did another trigger drama in school on the topic of gender equality… giving both boys and girls equal opportunities.

Here it is;…

Narrator 1::- once upon a time, there was a family of 7.

Narrator 2:: A mother, father, 2 boys and 3 girls.

(Family enters)

Narrator 1:: The boys set off for school and the girls stay home with their mother and father

Girl 1:: Why can’t I go to school like my brothers.

Mother- Girls are only meant to learn house hold work.

Girl 2- But that’s not fair.

Father- That is how it is, do as you are told

Girls do house work silently bit sadly. The attention of the audience turns towards the boys at school.

Teacher: Boys, what is 12×4?

Boy 1, 80!

Boy 2- No, it’s 48.

Teacher: Well done, yes that is correct, you are learning so quickly.

(End scene)

Narrator 1- Girl 3 has turned 14 years old. Her parents want her to marry

Mother: You are going to marry this old man.

Girl 3-. Why? I don’t want to, I don’t know him- I just want to go to school.

Father- You don’t have a choice, do as I command, we need the money.

Husband- My wife to be! I am going to give your father 5million plus 5 cows. And you will live in my house and bear my children.

Narrator 1 &2 (Run in)

No, no… This isn’t right. This is not gender equality! Both girls and boys deserves the same opportunities and Respect.


(Start again- but everything changes)

Narrator 1- Once upon a time there was a family of 7.

Narrator 2- Mother, father, 2 boys and 3 girls.

(Family enters)

Narrator 1- All of the children went to school passing all their exams.

Teacher- class are we together?

Children- Yes!

Teacher- 5+2?

Children- 7 (all together)

Teacher- 10-5?

Children- 5.

All leaves the class scene.

Narrator 1: After finishing primary and secondary school 2 of the girls and one of the boys completed university.

Dean- (Hands paper to students)
Well done…

Girl 1, I got an engineering degree.

Girl 2, I got a doctor’s degree.

Boy 1, I got a teacher’s degree.

Narrator 2- The other brother and sister started a sugar factory together.

Boy2- I am so glad to be working with my sister.

Boy 2 and Girl 3 high five.

Everyone:- Boys and girls are equal.

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Placement:: Week 3::

Well, we did more SRHR sessions with in school youths and out of school youths, livelihood session with out of school youths.We also did social accountability with in school club on research and advocacy basically introducing them to the concept of data collection.In this same week we did SRHR assembly message on sanitation and personal hygiene whereby we demonstrated how to wash hands and emphasize the issue of washing hands after visiting the latrine.We also did a change story about peace one of the youth group leader who is passionate about starting a liquid soap business and shelter for young girls while teaching them how to make sanitary pads as well.We also did one trigger drama in school on Gender equality and finally one practicle with the out of school youth group on making Reusable sanitary pads.Out of school pad making(trigger drama pupils).Thanks for reading… The updates about the drama and the pad making up next.

Week 2 :: How to make Liquid Soap::

Making liquid soap is one of the livelihood skills we thought the community when volunteering with Restless development under ICS program so here are the steps by steps guide.


The purpose for posting this is help equip those interested learn the necessary skills that’s required for making liquid soap, be self sufficient because investing in a liquid can be a good source of income or you can even decide to make it for personal use.

Making 20 litres- of liquid soap


  • Bucket (big size)- for mixing
  • Mingling stick- for mixing ingredients.
  • Jug- for pouring the liquid soap into the packaging bottles.
  • Jerrican of water 20 litres- for making and mixing the liquid soap
  • Bottles – for packing
  • Gloves – For protection from the chemical.
  • Measuring bowl (bucket) – for measuring and pouring water into the mixing bowl.

Chemicals needed::

  • Sulphonic acid; it is black in color and in liquid form and use 1/4 for making 20 litres- (250mls of Rwenzori water bottle)
  • Industrial salt (white powder) even normal salt works use 1 Kg for making 20 litres-. The purpose I for preservation…it makes it stay for long.
  • CMC.. (Also in powder form)… 20grams/ 2 table spoons… (It helps to reduce the chemical from affecting our human body.
  • Ungalo/ Tibro… Put 1Kg.
  • Soda Ash… 3 table spoons/ 30grams. …. (It’s function is to remove stains.
  • Urea… Put 3 table spoons….
  • Perfume… 10ml… For nice smell.
  • Colour- ….Green or blue (because its common) use half a ton or full time


  1. Pour 1kg of Tibro/ ugalo and then 1kg of industrial salt… (First stage is the most important). Remember to put those two ingredients at the same time.
  2. Add water and stir until it dissolves. (Around 5mins)
  3. Add CMC 3 table spoons- add water in bits and keep storing
  4. Add sulphonic acid.. (keep mixing and adding more water.
  5. Add soda ash… Then water..
  6. Add urea…
  7. Add colour (green or blue)… And pour the remaining water.
  8. Add perfume… Cover your liquid soap and leave it to settle, in 20minutes, it will be ready for use.

Markets for liquid soap::

  • Schools
  • Hospitals/ health centers.
  • Homes
  • Churches
  • Shops and supermarkets.

Materials and chemicals can be got from jinja and Kampala.

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Placement ::Week 2::

Week 2 was from 9th June 2019 to 15th June 2019 and a lot of amazing things happened.We celebrated national heroes day, we had donor visit even though my team wasn’t visited.We did more SRHR sessions in two schools and with out of school youths.

I must say I have really developed and improved alot especially in my facilitation skills and communication skills.We also introduced the concept of social accountability to the school club

.And finally, in this same week, we did one practicle livelihood session with the out of school youth group (Afaayo Youth Development Group in Nakirubi) many community members attended and the event was successfully as many started making it immediately.

Thanks for reading; more updates coming.

Placement ::Week 1::

The first week of placement was from 2nd June 2019 to 8th June 2019.

In this week, we got to find out our counterparts and team and I found out that I was going to go to Nakirubi in kangulumira sub-county, Kayunga district.

That’s Kangulumira team::

And my teammates/counterparts were Alexandra Cheetham, Phillippa Jane Chapman and Namatovu Catherine.

That’s the photo we took before heading to the placement/host home.

It rained the whole day when we were traveling but we still manage to reach safely and settled in with our host family.

That’s me with our host dad, mom and sister… More about them later.

We also met with the school, teachers, stakeholders, youth groups and conducted , inductions, our first SRHR session in school, livelihood session with out of school youth group and also formed our social accountability club.

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My ICS JOURNEY Episode 3. :::The Selection Day :::

Thanks for joining me again in this rollacoster ride, so before the selection day I got a call like two days earlier that I was being invited for interviews.

I was very excited and nervous at the same time coz I didn’t Know what to expect.

But then I decided that I will just stick to my motivations and skills and convinced the recruiting team that I was perfect for the job.

So coming from a far place which was like a 7- 9 hours drive by bus to the interview venue, I decided to travel one day ahead of the interview day and slept in town near the interview venue and the next day very early in the morning I left for the interview knowing that it will take the whole day.

So our interviews consisted of two parts, the group and the one on ones. I was surprised coz the group Interviews wasn’t what I was expecting. It was so much fun and there was a lot of team bonding.

The one on ones weren’t difficult as well. You just have to have good motivations and strong passion to change the lives of the youths.

So what are you waiting for , become an agent for change now and let’s work together towards changing the lives of many young.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to come back for more.