Being natural #hair Anniversary.

I remember reading from my friend’s blog (Atim mercy) that the only thing that comes to her mind when she thinks about being natural is her hair”. ( check out her blog- Atim’s thoughts ) 

Yep I must admit that I also consider hair as the most natural thing ever. I love my hair so much and this September marks my four years anniversary of growing hair without chopping and now it has really grown. 

So today I went and did real touch using a chemical called ‘desire hair relaxer’ but for the last three months I was using ‘Dark and lovely chemical’. 

At first I was afraid of the chemical change coz changes can sometimes be negative but it turns out to be good anyways.

To conclude, I love my hair so much and I don’t have any plans for chopping it, at least not soon anyways.

Thanks everyone for reading it I hope you had a wonderful weekend and be blessed as you start a new week.

::Stay Natural::