CW-DC Crisis on Infinite Earth’s “”My Top Crisis moments””

So after taking a long Christmas break from everything including writing… I finally ended the long break by bing watching all the arrowverse latest season and including all five parts of crisis on Infinite Earths.

So here are my top crisis moments.

1. Jon Carter’s Lex Luthor making himself a paragon… It was so worth it… It was a nice move making him return and even made Supergirl season alot better.

2. Baby John interrupting the monitors… It was kinda fun.. and Mick turn out to be a good baby sitter.

3. The Spectre vs Anti monitor….. First of all Green arrow becoming the Spectre was cool… I was so sad when he first died. And I thought that was basically it.

I was also worried about Mia continuing with the green arrow legacy but after watching season 8 episode 9 I was super impressed. Green arrow and the canaries might just be my next favorite arrowverse series(spin off) and the 3 ladies fighting together just made Charlie’s Angel’s a little less cool… It was epic.

4. The flash (Grant) meeting Justice league flash (Ezra Miller)…. I wasn’t expecting it but it was so worth it. Best cameo ever.. considering the fact that I didn’t enjoy justice league the first time I watched it.. but it was a wonderful surprise to see both flash in the same room and kinda made me to like justice league more.

But I wasn’t impressed with the Smallville cameo… I really thought they were doing to do much with his character since it was over emphasized in the spoilers that Smallville superman would be in the crossover.

5. Giant Beeboo fight… A throw back to DC legends of tomorrow season 3. ..

6. Ray Palmer meeting kingdom come superman was also cool…

7. Sara and Mia beating up Johnah hex…

Okay I think that’s enough crisis talk for now…

Thanks for reading and visiting…. See you next week.

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“Mother’s piece of advice”

(This article is fictional and not based on real story/events… )

Feeling humiliated is not that bad, being ignored is bad but worst of all is being hated for who you are; the feeling that nobody loves or respect you for being you is the worse feeling ever and yet most of the time it is just mental. It is sometimes hard to imagine what hardships and sufferings can do to a person and the truth is that it can completely destroy a person.

Margaret’s daughter Blessings was a sweet little girl, bright and just like her name was meant to be a blessing to others and instill in others hope so says her mother before her unexpected death. Both of her parents died when she was still so young, abandoned by the relatives and left to continue surviving in a not so suitable conditions

Because of blessing’s sufferings, she viewed humans as horrible creatures; they would commit several atrocities , torture women, neglect widows, abandon organs to fend for themselves. The rich take advantage of the poor, they play favoritism when giving jobs and so much more.

Blessing’s childhood tortured and broke her; the neglect by the community and relatives Pierce her heart right through to her soul and the tragedies completely shuttered her dreams. Blessings had big dreams of a better and happier life but at 20 she couldn’t even bring herself to fall in love because she had totally lost faith in mankind.

Blessings was tired of living the same kind of life everyday and desperately needed things to change and in order to make her family’s life better, she needed to continue surviving, fighting and working hard. And surely Blessings’ anger was too much and needed to be locked away or dealt with somehow; it was the kind of anger that could swallow an entire planet if left uncheck or if it were in the DC universe and gifted with some super powers would be catastrophic.

Blessings then decided that it was time to lock away all her pain and sorrows and in doing so had to remember the only piece of advice that her mother gave her before her death. She said to herself, “Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women…, And so my child remember to wor hard no matter what comes your way and don’t ever give up on life”.

Blessings had no choice but to pretend to fit in. She created several locked doors inside her heart- the biggest was the door of grieve, hatred and anger. She knew that she had to lock all the darkness and hatred inside to continue living.

Life is unfair, life is miserable, fullof sorrows and bad luck sometimes and the only thing that remains is hope that tomorrow might be different. And Margaret’s Blessings can only hope that one day mankind will change their character and there will be a new and better world with less of whatever she had witnessed so far.

“How I wish I still believe in santa clause- ‘Father Christmas’ “.

Well, this year has been such a rollercoaster… I didn’t even realised that it was almost 2020… Not until yesterday when I attended my niece and nephew’s Christmas party which was organised by their school.

The joy and happiness in the faces of the children made me wished I still belief /had faith in santa clause- (father Christmas).

But in reality I stopped believing long time ago when I realized that most of our problems can not be wished away through believe in something which is not real but rather through action in what we can see.

So..have been quite busy this week that I didn’t come up any good article but hopefully next Monday it will be great… Just keep reading..

For now , Merry Christmas to all the believers and non- believers… Because it’s a reminder that we are heading towards a new year and we need to start working on our resolutions and areas that we want to see change…

Be the change that you want to see by working hard towards that which you want…

Thanks for reading, till next Monday.

‘A note on Obstetric Fistula’

Obstetric Fistula- A condition that I didn’t know existed until recently when I took the SRHR course and here is something small that I felt like sharing.

It means Abnormal opening between the bladder and the vagina or between the rectum and vagina.

An Obstetric Fistula- develops during labor and birth when the infant’s head decends into the maternal pelvis- mainly because the child is too big.

The main cause is prolonged and obstructed labor and another reason why women are still more vulnerable as compared to men.

The contributing factors includes; poverty, a low status of women, childhood malnutrition and disease which restricts pelvic growth, an early age of first pregnancy, poor education regarding maternal health, lack of access to facilities that offer cesarean section; and lack of transportation to a hospital in case of an obstetrical emergency.

The signs and symptoms of Obstetric Fistula- includes among others, continuous leakage of stool/ urine, offensive smell, recurrent vaginal infections.

And the effects includes, resentment,stigma, infections, among others.

Obstetric Fistula- is common among poor people in the rural areas and most cases are not reported and the victims are left to suffer for years. Some Victims are also not aware about the existence of the condition as some view it as a curse or something..

It is up to us to spread awareness about Obstetric Fistula- and together we can not only help in treating the victims but making an end to it by avoiding things like early marriages, use of traditional birth attendants …to mention but a few .

Thanks for reading, until next Monday .

But please don’t forget to read more about Obstetric Fistula- Knowledge is key.

“No one is Born disable”

When we talk about disability it is very important to acknowledge that no one is Born disable but it’s rather the social construction of society that makes one disable and in one way or another we have all been guilty of discriminating people born different (with impairments). We have socially constructed people to be disable either directly or indirectly by failing to observe their rights.

Persons with disabilities (Impairments) face so many problems especially in regard to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) an example is Health workers’ perceptions towards women with physical disability giving birth.

And other than the negative altitude from health workers, the society also looks at women with physical disability as sick and should not be allowed to give birth to more sick people (disabled children) not knowing that most forms of disability are not inherent.

Failure to understand sign language also affects womenwitg hearing Impairments when it comes to pregnancy and child birth thereby limiting their information on access yet everyone has equal rights to access information.

Thus we all need to work hard to implement projects and practices that ensure the inclusion of everyone by ensuring that their voices are heard.

For started as a SRHR practioner and activist, I have challenged myself to learn the Ugandan sign language (USL) … Thanks to SET-SRHR program cohort 8.

But I believe that there is also need for formal disability training and awareness raising to break the social construction of disability and ensuring inclusive planning and programing.

In conclusion, ” Disability should not be considered as a personal attribute and limited to impairment , but as a situation which results from interaction between the person and his or her environment, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are also sexual beings and have SRH needs and Rights”

Thanks for reading..

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Unemployment in Uganda-


Unemployment still remains the biggest problem in Uganda today especially among the youths. There are so many graduates with no jobs or source of income which makes the poverty rate to remain high.

Youths in Uganda are mainly unemployed because they lack access to formal jobs, the demand for jobs in Uganda exceeds supply, there is also limited access to internship opportunities which makes it harder for most youths to get the relevant experience yet most jobs demand several years of experience.

Most youths in Uganda also lack the necessary skills, qualifications and capacity to start up their own businesses.
Ending poverty is one of the 17 Global Goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and to do that in Uganda we need to find out the solutions to the main problem facing the youths which is unemployment.

But in order to do that, we first need to understand that not all unemployed youths need jobs because majority just needs capital and the necessary skills to start up their businesses.
Thus therefore, the main solutions to the overarching unemployment problems facing youths in Uganda and Africa includes among others;
Training youths in Agriculture; modernizing, commercializing and making Agriculture fun for the youths as it still remains the back born of Africa and the demand for Agricultural products are ever increasing.

It is also very important for the Government and companies to give recent graduates the opportunities to build up the skills and experience which is required in most job listings.
But basing on my personal experience as an ICS peer Educator and youth Reporter volunteering in the rural areas of Uganda I believe that the best solution to Uganda’s Youth unemployment issues and poverty eradication is “ensuring that Uganda’s youths are healthy, highly skilled and ready to take every challenges that may come their way”.

These can be done by everyone especially the youths working hand in hand with Government stakeholders. The peer Educators (Youth) can spread SRHR awareness to ensure that the Youths remain healthy and achieve their goals.

Governments and organizations can also train and equipped youths with necessary livelihood skills as well as providing them capital so that they can put their skills to use and start up businesses. This will enable the highly skilled trained youths to remain self sustainable and in the long run break the poverty chains.

In conclusion therefore, there is still more need to train and create more agents for change to inspire and build confidence in fellow youths so as to encourage them to work hard into spreading awareness about poverty as well as coming up with innovative solutions to poverty such that we eradicate poverty in all its forms.

Nancy Ongom.

From Peer Educator to Trainer of Trainers…

Hey guys, it has been a while but only coz I was so busy.

My ICS journey ended well and really helped me into strengthening my passion for Human Rights and SRHR.

So I was lucky enough to be admitted for the Set- SRHR program which aimed at strengthening SRHR education and training capacity in Uganda.

It was such an amazing five weeks course and I can’t wait to start sharing my experience with you guys..

So briefly about the five weeks… I met some amazing friends from various professional background…
Well I continued to improve on my leadership and communication skills….

But the most amazing thing ever was the learning, unlearning and relearning…..
Now I’m working on my individual change project on Menstrual Hygiene management….Hope we continue to impact change in other people’s lives..

Thanks for reading and be blessed.

The River Bend Hotel

Well, like I said in the previous post after top up training we headed to the River Bend Hotel where we had our lunch from.

The River Bend Hotel is on the way to kayunga not too far from my placement community around 20km.

It is a beautiful place with a beautiful view just like Victoria panaroma hotel Jinja and we had our lunch from there which was delicious by the way.

We also say our goodbyes to our friend a UKV( UK volunteer) Ricky Clark who had to leave.

Then we headed back to our different placement communities.
(Enjoy some of the photos we took from there).
Thanks for reading, week 6, updates loading.