YesYesYes i am Back

Well I have taken quite some time without writing or posting anything but I am back now and with a smile on my face. 

To be honest I think I lost my motivation and inspiration for a while. I totally forgot all the good reasons why I write which among others is to inspire others and impact change.

Good enough I had some good people who kept on reminding me on what i was giving up.

Previous writing also reminded me of that same reason… Inspiring others and bringing about change. Plus I also love reading.

So thanks for reading and hope to keep seeing you guys around.


‘Law school and the dissertation thing’

Well law school got done a few weeks ago and the farewell party was awesome

And of coz not forgetting the food n drinks.

And the Amazing friends..

And finally after the party came the dissertation thing.. And I’m so grateful and thankful to God Almighty who has enabled me to come this far, my sponsors, siblings and wonderful friends among others loveliz, Leah, Linah,Sheba, Nella, emah, n Rose.

May the good lord bless you abundantly.

And now eargerly waiting for graduation come July 7th 2017.

Thanks for reading.

Keeping it natural- phase 2

I remember posting last year about my natural hair last year and how to keep it natural but a lot has changed since then. So here is a quick recap; 

  1. First I unpainted sometimes back around  22 of December 2016

  1. Then two days later I did  treatment and real touch.

  1. After that, I decided to do dreads before returning to campus. I started it on 2nd of Jan 2017.

That was the first step before locking it and we skipped 3rd of Jan and completed it on 4th of Jan.

Up to now it is still locked.. Just finished relocking again yesterday.

‘You can imagine the power of dreadlocks with African hair’.

‘The dissertation thing’

Well, I have taken quiet sometimes without sharing the the only reason I can think of for being away is dissertation.

I love writing and researching alot and last year i was so happy when we were told that dissertation writing for undergraduate would be compulsory.

What I didn’t know was that dissertation is so stressing and the most difficult part is not even researching but rather getting your proposal approved and ofcos the literature review.

Getting a topic wasnt difficult for me since i had always wanted to write something on the international criminal court(ICC) and Uganda’s situation.

But then after conducting some research, it turns out that alot has already been written on it. I had to change to something close.. And its something relating to the proposed ‘African court of justice and Human Rights’.

Take it from me, dissertation writing is not easy and i still have a long way to go but what i can tell you is that its easier researching on what you are passionate about.
Thanks for reading.

This dryness…

Well, I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen rain since last year November.

And this hotness and dryness is just killing me. The dust is too much making it even difficult to move and of cos the flu that come with it.

I know i might complain about the mud when it start raining again but I would really love it if it rain again soon.  

Have a lovely day.


Uganda is one of the African countries with the highest unemployment rate especially among the youths and it is obvious that agriculture is the first solution to unemployment which will also help in eradicating poverty common in most of the rural areas of Uganda even though the youths of today tends to divert from it.
I agree with Brian Tracy’s quote that, “it doesn’t matter where you came from. All that matters is where you are going”. But I do believe that sometimes it does matter to know where you came from so as to know where you are going; a better future or not.

The fact is that, I didn’t always like farming or participating in agricultural activities mainly because of the fact that I was born during the time of the conflict in the northern part of the country and grew up depending on the food distributed by the UN World Food Program and basically had no knowledge about agriculture or anything to do with farming.

But after the situation was settled, we had no choice but to stop depending and agriculture became our source of livelihood being it for food and school fees by selling some of the agricultural products like groundnuts and simsim and sometimes making use of the money got from selling local alcohol (breweries) made from cassava and bananas to fulfill our basic needs.

If I am to recall well, even joining secondary would have been impossible if not for the money we got from agriculture. So my inspiration for agriculture started after the conflicts and it continues to strengthen everyday as I am always seeing the benefits that are derived from it.

However, the young people and youths of today do not see the wide benefits of agriculture especially the ones who are educated and always tends to shy away from agriculture as they feel that they are meant to be doing white collar jobs.

But in a country like Uganda, not all graduates are able to find white collar jobs thus there is need for more involvement of the youths in agriculture and offering more agricultural vocational programs will help the youths gain skills required to be successful in various fields of agriculture and hence motivates them not to shy away from agriculture and agro businesses.

Youths therefore needs to develop good attitude towards agriculture because better opportunities do exist in it like providing a solution to unemployment, poverty eradication, school fees and solving other basic necessities of life.

So the question to farm or not to farm should not really be a matter of debate as there are more and better opportunities that exists for youths to prosper in agriculture and agro- business. They just have to trace their roots and find their passion and inspiration towards agriculture. “Agriculture being the back bone of Africa”.

“So how was your Xmas”

Well, for this pass week most of the messages have been getting from friends were, ‘How was your Christmas’, ‘How was new year’s celebration’,Happy new new and the likes.
The truth is that for the first time, I didn’t make it to church on both Christmas and new year’s day. I was so stressed over writing my dissertation proposal that it was the only thing I could think of; with the deadline being second of Jan.

I ended up praying from home following the live Tv service. But it felt like I have betrayed the long Christmas tradition.

The most amazing thing about my Christmas holidays was the fact I celebrated it with all my siblings.  It was fun and interesting and we entered the new year with good health .

Now all that I could ask God for is a prosperous, happy and blessed 2017 for all my friends, family, relatives and well wishers.

I pray for his continued guidance, mercy, grace, love, protection and all that our hearts desire from him this year and all the days of our lives.

So tell me, how was your Christmas or rather how was the holidays in general.

Be blessed and have a lovely and wonderful 2017 and always remember to be thankful to God for everything he has done in your life.


Daily quotes ::Take 50 of 50

“Education is the Key to success”

“Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom”

These 2 quotes were actually the school mottos for my former primary schools.

I won’t really go into details today of how inspiring they were to me.

And thank you so much for reading and following everyday.  You guys are the best… God bless you.