Day 14:: True meaning of Christmas: :: CBC 2017

Today’s challenge- Write a short poem about the true meaning of Christmas.

Well, to me Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. God gave us Jesus Christ his own son so the purpose of Christmas is to share the gift of Jesus Christ so the whole world will know and join in the love.

I don’t really have a Christmas poem but would love to share this amazing poem by Stephanie Cherie Burger called ‘precious gift’ be blessed as you read.

“Precious Gift” is an original

Christmas poem expressing thanks to God for the most precious gift of his Son, Jesus Christ.


Celebrate this Christmas

The birth of God’s Holy Son

Give praise and thanks

For all that God has done

The miracles at this time

Are all too often hard to see

All of our time is spent

Buying presents for under the tree

Don’t forget the reason

Behind this glorious day

Was a babe born in a manger

On that blessed Christmas Day

His life was laid down for us

Christ, he gave us his all

To suffer our sins for us

In hopes that no one co

uld fall

Our sins have been forgiven

All that’s asked is we believe

There are no words to express

The love he has for us

Remember how he suffered

Before he died on the cross

Worship him this Christmas

Fall on bended knee

Lift your voices singing praises

Let him be all you need

Though presents and decorations

Are a lot of fun

Give thanks to God this Christmas

He gave the most precious gift to us,

The life of his only Son

–Stephanie Cherie Burger


Sue Chastain


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Day 10:: The best gift i have ever given:: CBC 2017::

Honestly speaking, this is quite difficult. I have given a lot of gifts in the past and haven taken time to measure the best ones. 

So I think I will leave this for discussion another day.

But I do think that the best gifts are the ones that comes from the heart or rather the ones where you receive heartfelt comments after giving.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading. Until next time.

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Day 8:: favourite Christmas book. ::CBC 2017

To be honest, i have not read a lot of Christmas books. But there is that one book which I can’t seem to get out of my mind. A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens’. 

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I remember reading this book along time ago and can’t seem to everything in it. But it’s s really nice book and contains the most important aspect’_what Christmas is all about 100%. 

It is definitely a book that I would recommend to others also considering the fact that I have enjoyed some of the movie adaptations like Mickey mouse n muppets.

Like I said, I read the book a long time ago but definitely looking forward to reading it this Christmas.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 7:: Most memorable Christmas. ::CBC 2017

It was definitely the year the triplets were born. It was December 2000 when my mum gave birth to our last born(s)… Triplets although one passed on leaving us two amazing girls.

That Christmas was so special and memorable because I celebrated when both parents were still alive, all my relatives were present, great meal, nice clothes.. I still remember the dress I wore even though I don’t have the picture. 

All in all, we had a blast that Christmas something which is worth remembering.

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Thanks for reading.

Day 6:: Best gift I have ever received. ::CBC 2017::

So that’s today’s challenge. Well, it’s quite obvious that the Best gift I have ever received is the gift of life. That is why I always remember to thank God everyday for this gift because everyday is a blessing.

Now considering worldly gifts, I think the best gift I have ever received was/is the gift of education.

I’m glad I got the chance to get an education, not many could. All thanks to the government’s universal primary education (UPC) which was free and later the scholarship offered to me by WINDLE trust for higher education.

Thanks for reading, and yes, I couldn’t think of a better gift other than the gift of life or education.

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