YesYesYes i am Back

Well I have taken quite some time without writing or posting anything but I am back now and with a smile on my face. 

To be honest I think I lost my motivation and inspiration for a while. I totally forgot all the good reasons why I write which among others is to inspire others and impact change.

Good enough I had some good people who kept on reminding me on what i was giving up.

Previous writing also reminded me of that same reason… Inspiring others and bringing about change. Plus I also love reading.

So thanks for reading and hope to keep seeing you guys around.

Feeling motivated 

I’m feeling so motivated today, I was able to write a ‘motivation scholarship statement/ letter’ for someone else who is a graduate. She really liked it and appreciated it as well. 

I just pray that the good Lord help her get the scholarship.

P.s/, I also participated in 2016 C.M.C write to win contest on ‘sustainable development’. I was not among the five winners but my performance made me more determined to continue writing.

I was the only Ugandan among the 60 participants and basing on the decisions of three judges, I was able to score a total of 82.5% out of 100. And I am also getting a participation certificate in December together with the other participants. 

For more information on the results, more contests and other Info’s you can check their Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend.