True Happiness

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What is true happiness? How does it feel to be truly happy? How can a person find true happiness? 
I’m sure most of you have asked these questions before. A lot of things make people happy  for instance being famous, getting rich, having a wonderful and loving family but still they complain of not being truly happy.

This is simply because most of us try to look for true happiness in the wrong places. A person can only find true happiness in the Lord.

Inspired by psalm 1.

Psalm 1 Good News Translation (GNT)


True Happiness

Happy are those 

1.Who reject the advice of evil people,

who do not follow the example of sinners

or join those who have no use for God.

Instead, they find joy in obeying the Law of the LORD,

2.and they study it day and night.

They are like trees that grow beside a stream,

3.that bear fruit at the right time,

and whose leaves do not dry up.

They succeed in everything they do.

But evil people are not like this at all;

4. they are like straw that the wind blows away.

Sinners will be condemned by God

5.and kept apart from God’s own people.

The righteous are guided and protected by the LORD,

6.but the evil are on the way to their doom.

Good News Translation (GNT)

Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society

Happy Sunday to you all, be blessed.