Trigger drama… Gender equality- in school.(primary)

Well our team also did another trigger drama in school on the topic of gender equality… giving both boys and girls equal opportunities.

Here it is;…

Narrator 1::- once upon a time, there was a family of 7.

Narrator 2:: A mother, father, 2 boys and 3 girls.

(Family enters)

Narrator 1:: The boys set off for school and the girls stay home with their mother and father

Girl 1:: Why can’t I go to school like my brothers.

Mother- Girls are only meant to learn house hold work.

Girl 2- But that’s not fair.

Father- That is how it is, do as you are told

Girls do house work silently bit sadly. The attention of the audience turns towards the boys at school.

Teacher: Boys, what is 12×4?

Boy 1, 80!

Boy 2- No, it’s 48.

Teacher: Well done, yes that is correct, you are learning so quickly.

(End scene)

Narrator 1- Girl 3 has turned 14 years old. Her parents want her to marry

Mother: You are going to marry this old man.

Girl 3-. Why? I don’t want to, I don’t know him- I just want to go to school.

Father- You don’t have a choice, do as I command, we need the money.

Husband- My wife to be! I am going to give your father 5million plus 5 cows. And you will live in my house and bear my children.

Narrator 1 &2 (Run in)

No, no… This isn’t right. This is not gender equality! Both girls and boys deserves the same opportunities and Respect.


(Start again- but everything changes)

Narrator 1- Once upon a time there was a family of 7.

Narrator 2- Mother, father, 2 boys and 3 girls.

(Family enters)

Narrator 1- All of the children went to school passing all their exams.

Teacher- class are we together?

Children- Yes!

Teacher- 5+2?

Children- 7 (all together)

Teacher- 10-5?

Children- 5.

All leaves the class scene.

Narrator 1: After finishing primary and secondary school 2 of the girls and one of the boys completed university.

Dean- (Hands paper to students)
Well done…

Girl 1, I got an engineering degree.

Girl 2, I got a doctor’s degree.

Boy 1, I got a teacher’s degree.

Narrator 2- The other brother and sister started a sugar factory together.

Boy2- I am so glad to be working with my sister.

Boy 2 and Girl 3 high five.

Everyone:- Boys and girls are equal.

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Trigger Drama:: “A play on gender equality”

Well… I’m still waiting for the placement to end then start a marathon of updates on my ICS journey. But this one couldn’t wait.

I was given the chance by my lovely teammates to write a play on gender equality for our out of school youths which was performed on Monday 15th of July 2019… The group was so creative and added a few of their lines when performing. But here is the original play which I wrote.. I hope you enjoy.

Community perceptions”

-Men are considered as the head of the family, in charge of running the family and decision makers in every situations.

– women are only meant to take care of children and do house work like cooking.

“My main objective for the drama was to change community perceptions and advocate for gender equality for all.

My story…”

The story is about a husband and wife and their children tackling the above mentioned issues.

The Play…”


Morning- family gather at home and husband leaves for work.. The pregnant wife and 3 children remains at home to do house work. (2 girls and 1 boy)

Husband::. My wife and children, I am going for work now. See you later.

All::. Okay father,see you later.

Husband::, (comes back from work), my wife I am back from work.

Wife:: welcome back home.

Husband:: where is my dinner.

Wife:: I am still trying to make dinner as you can see that I am pregnant and very weak today.

Husband:: you foolish woman; don’t you see that I am tired from work. Have you forgotten what you came here for or do you want me to send you packing to your family’s home.

Wife:: I am sorry my dear husband.

Husband:: Let me remind you, your only job here is to look after my children and cook for me food.

Wife:: Okay my dear husband, I understand.

Scene 2:: (wife and husband)

Wife:: My husband, let us use the money we safe to pay for the children’s school fees.

Husband:: But you stupid woman, you keep forgetting your position here. Why can’t you use your stupid brain. Leave the matters concerning money to me and focus only on making decisions for food and washing clothes.

Wife:: But my husband, what are you going to use all the money for.

Husband:: Stop asking stupid questions; I will use the money to go to the bar with my buddies and the balance to pay for my son’s school fees.

Wife:: How about our daughters?

Husband:: But you woman, you can nag; your 2 daughters will remain at home so that you can teach them household work and prepare them for marriage. Only sons deserves to go to school as he will soon become the father of the house.

(Arguments over money continues for sometimes)

Husband::, Calls son; (My son Bosco – come here.

Son::, Yes father, here I am.

Husband:: here is your school fees , go to school.

Son:: Son leaves home and head to school while the sister’s remained home. (No need to create a school settings).

Scene 3::

Wife:: My husband I would like to start my own business and help out with the finance.

Husband:: Oh God of our ancestors, this woman will kill me one day… Why can’t you be like other women. Enough with the stupid questions.. I want this, I want that, ….. Please leave the work and business things for us men.

(Arguments continue)

Scene 4::

(Community event led by 2 youth advocates teaching gender equality)

It is attended by the all the family members of the main casts and some few community members join in.

Youth Advocates:: Introduce to the community the aspect of gender equality.

Community members:: shares with the youth Advocates their issues and problems…

(Lessons continues and discussions)

Youth Advocates:: Gender equality is important and both men and women deserves the same opportunities and Respect.

Community members:: Nodes in agreement (understanding).

Husband::. Okay now I understand,I should change my ways and actions towards my wife and children.

(All goes back home)

Wife:: my husband can you please help me with the house work, I feel too tired and weak because if this pregnancy.

Husband:: okay dear, Husband helps the pregnant wife with doing household chores- sweeping the compound.

Wife:: (starts to peel matooke/sweet potatoes.

Husband:: my wife, let me help you with the cooking as well, you are looking too sick and weak today.

Wife:: Thank you my husband.

Husband:: Calls all the children::- Bosco, please come with your sisters.

Boy :: okay father.

Children:: All came in kneeling down..

Husband :: Gave the children money for school fees… Here is your school fees, all of you should go to school.

All children:: Thank you father. (All the children leave for school).

(Wife cones to the husband )

Wife- My husband, is it okay if I start a small business to help out the finance and school fees.

Husband- It is okay my dear wife. . I will support you in doing so.

Wife- Thank you very much my dear husband. ( Both hug each other ❤️)

End scene::.

All the casts together….Gender equality is important and both men and women deserves the same opportunities and Respect. .

There you have and thanks for reading.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and together let’s fight against gender inequalities that still exists in our communities.

Until next time… God bless you all 🙏.