3 days quote challenge #take 2.

For today’s quotes I chose the topic ‘friends’.

But first of all the rules;

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post for 3 days ( not necessarily in a row), 3 quotes per day.

3. 3 new victims bloggers nominated each day- link to their sites. Notify your 3 picks they have been tagged.

The quotes 

1. “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are”. (Unknown)

2. “Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer” (Ed Cunningham)

3. “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born”. (Anais Nin)

My nominees for today are;

  1. salley porte
  2. Elynjay
  3. Papberry
  4. Aruna3-roseyevening

So that is it for today. Good luck to the nominees and anyone else who wants to participate. However, the participation is not compulsory so the nominees can choose not to do it.

Thank you all for reading, have alovely day.

And not forgetting the wonderful Adeniyisrael , thanks for the nomination.

Favourite foods ::Day 21 of 31

Waooh yummy… Delicious…..

Today’s challenge is the best. I know every likes to eat but I love eating. Ok just take a look at my list of favourites, we may have similar tastes.

  1. Chicken

Whether it’s fried chicken or cooked with soup I love chicken.
2.French fries , I love French fries and I eat it almost everyday when I’m at campus.

3. Pork- pork is something that I order very often whenever I go out but I eat it rarely from home. 

 I enjoy fried and roasted pork only.

4. Eggs – eggs is also another thing that I cook oftenly when I’m at campus.

Ilike boiled eggs, fried, omellette and scrambled eggs.

5.Spaghetti, the fact is that I always have spaghetti at lease once every week.

6. Fish- I enjoy both fresh and dried fish.cooked or deep fried.

7. Irish potatoes- I enjoy Irish potatoes a lot, boiled, fried or deep fried.

8. Matooke- I use not to like matooke a lot but after spending 3 years in the central I began to like every bit of it, fried, boiled or smashed.

9. Cassava, sweet potatoes and yams– I decided to group them coz I eat them mainly from the village but still among my favourite foods.

10. Posho and rice.


11. Greens and veggies — I love greens. And we have delious local ones in Northern and eastern Uganda (boo, dodo, otigu, malakwan, sikumawiki) 

12. White ants- it’s also a common dish in Northern Uganda enjoyed by all. I just enjoy the whole process from catching to preparing.


13. Chapatti – another common food when I’m at campus especially Rolex chapatti.

 So delicious!!

14. Pumpkin- I don’t eat oftenly sometimes even once a month but I just love it.


15. Beans – Another fact is that I got tired of eating beans from high school but I still manage to enjoy it. It’s a very common sause from home almost thrice a week.

16. Beef and goat’s meet– not my favourite but something I eat oftenly at least once or twice a week.

17. Liver— of course I was about to forget, but I really enjoy eating liver.

18. Fruits — I love fruits because its healthy and some are really tasty. I love apples, mangoes, oranges,pineapple, and passion fruits.

19. Let me stop here— but I can’t go without mentioning ‘ice cream’ — I love ice cream and my favourite flavour is strawberry but vanilla and chocolate taste great as well.

( Google images )

So what is your favourite foods,, I would love to know.

My proudest moment ::Day 17 of 31

This is quiet difficult but I guess that is why it’s called a challenge.

I have had several proud moments like passing my advanced level, getting admitted into law school, scoring the winning game for under 15 when I was 10(netball) and so much more but I’m still not sure what my proudest moment was.


But if I’m to think harder, I believe that being heard on the radio when I was 11 years old was my most proud moment.

I also believe that my proudest moment is yet to come…  

(Image source- Google images)

What was your proudest moment?

Best physical feature :: Day 10

I’m a person who loves travelling but honestly speaking have never gone outside Uganda but plan to go soon. I have been to almost every part of Uganda with the exception of East and north Eastern districts.

But the best physical features are found in the Western part of the country. But this is just my opinion.

In 2012, I spent 2 weeks in Mbarara and Kabarole districts touring different places in the western part of the country, like Bundibugyo, The western rift valley, river rwizi, Rwenzori mountain, Lake katwe, and so much more.

The landscape alone is amazing, itsĀ  so beautiful I enjoyed every last bit of it. Those who have been there can actually agree with me.




(Google images) that is how the western landscape looks like.

Now coming to today’s theme, my best physical feature is actually ‘water bodies’. Even though I afraid of big water bodies, I really enjoy seeing it. It depicts the true beauty of nature.


I don’t have all the photos from the western tour right now. But that is me in 2012 in Kabarole District in Fort portal near the water fall in ( Amabere caves) .

So what is your best physical feature?.