My Bucket list :: Day 16 of 31

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I believe we all have ‘a bucket list’ . I think there are numerous things I intend to do before I die even though some seems impossible.

For now as per the challenge let’s take a look at this Bucket list.

1. √Make God my Top priority. (Continue making God my top priority)

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2. Finishing law school/ LDC

3. Going oversea for further studies and work. ( if my sponsors allows or on my own)

4. Getting married

5 Having children – at least 4 if possible.

6.√ Starting a blog

7.√ finishing High school

8. Meeting a blog reader in person

9. A ride in a Limousine.

10. √Explore a cave (Amabere cave in fort portal)

12. Designing a website

13. A ride in Tuk Tuk… Common in India and Sudan

14. A ride in a train

15. Buy my own car and house

16. Hold a shark or Dolphin ( feels great but totally scared)

17. Make a snowman.

18. Ride a horse / carriage

19. Learn some British accent.

20. Stand under a waterfall

23. Learn how to swim

24. Be a bridesmaid

25. Meet a world leader.

26. Act in a play or movie
27. Write a book

28. attend a film premiere.

29.√Attend a poetry Reading

30. Perform poetry on international level

31. Create my own game

32. Be an extra in a movie

33. √Be on a radio show

34. Be on the cover of a magazine

35. √Be published on a news paper.

36. Create a video and upload it to the internet.

37. See a las Vegas show live

38. Watch the ‘voice us’ live

39. Watch my favourite ban play live (BTR) Big Time Rush

40.Go on a cruise

41. Take an improv class

42. Walk the Red carpet

43. √Be blond for a day


44. Be a self made millionaire

45. Fly a private jet

46.√ order room service

47.visit a castle / sleep in a castle

48.Start a business

50. Stay at at exclusive resort or five star resort

51. Cook with a celebrity chef

52. Drink milk from fresh coconut

53. Learn to use chop sticks

54. Google search my name and have at least 1 page of stuff.

55. Join a book club.

56. √Be a mentor

57. Do 24 hours of silence

58.√ Do a random Act of kindness.

59. Feed a homeless person

60. Donate blood

61. Learn the alphabet in sign language.

62. Learn to say Hello in at least 20 languages

63. List 10 things i am grateful for each day

64. Make a significant change in someone’s life.

65. Master a new language

66. Start a charity

67. Write a letter to my future self

68. Achieve my ideal weight.

69. Attend the Olympics.

70. Drink only water for a week.

I was able to come up with a list of 70 per now though not in order and still to be updated. 

Please share with me the top on your bucket list.

P.S … Happy Eid celebration to all the moslem out there enjoy your day.

And thanks for reading as always you guys are awesome.