My earliest memory ::Day 13 of 31

Hello everyone how are you today, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Mine is great in that, I almost forgot to post for day 13.

But not to worry I will tell you something concerning my earliest memory.

The truth is that I have mob wonderful and horrible childhood memories but there is one in particular that I can’t seem to forget.

It happened when I was only 4 years old. I had a best friend named ‘Junior’ and we were very close. We would play together, share stuffs and sometimes even keep secrets for each other.

One day, ‘Junior’ came to our house crying because he got beaten by his sisters over some silly issue that I can’t remember right now.

He then asked me to tell his parents and everyone else that he fell in the pit latrine in case they came looking for him.

He immediately left and went to the stadium. He stayed like for about 2 hours and his family came looking for him.

They asked me and i stupidly told them that their son felt in the latrine. I thought I was keeping my best friend’s secret not knowing that I was actually lying to them.

What surprised me till now is the fact that they believed my story. I made such a big scene that day. People crowded our compound, the poor kid’s family were crying seriously but still I kept quiet.

They then decided to open up the pit latrine but then something happened. One of the sisters saw ‘Junior’ coming from that side of the stadium. She then shouted calling her brother and everyone was happy except me.

I felt horrible about the lie even though they ignored me and said that I was just a kid fooling around.

Although it was one hell of an incident  that I’m even unable to forget, I did learn of how terrible lying is.
So what is your earliest memory?