Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great. Since I love watching today I have decided to say something about a series that  ended recently. 

But first of all let me say something on these tv soaps, series and telenovelas. I remember when telemundo started airing their shows on dstv, I was so crazy about them and would spend hours watching them.

But now days I nolonger watch telemundo channel.

First of all, they like over repeating the same shows, secondly ‘the memory lost issues’ most the characters losing their memories it is just so annoying for instance in queen of hearts(Reina de corazones), part of me and several others.

Another main reason why I stopped watching telemundo was the fact that zee world channel came on dstv and stole my heart completely. But all in all I still managed to get my favourite and it was non other than fearless heart( corazon valiente(cai’ das del cielo) )on telemundo.

 It was just full of actions and I enjoyed the romance between my favourite couple Sammy and willy.

Now coming to zee world which airs Indian series and movies only, I must admit that I like almost all their short movies especially the ones with Akshay Kumar  as the main character. Bollywood actor commonly known for movies like entertainment, Daisy boyz , Singh is biling and others.

When it comes series, this is where the problem is. First the started with amazing series like married again (punar vivah)   

 With my favourite couple being yash and Aarti. 

But then again they managed to spoil everything by bringing series like breaking free ( phir subah hogi),

with the same issues of memory lost, also laali (Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo) and the promise where even the children became older than the parents. 

 And even worst was eternal love (Rab se sohna isshq),

Now about the soap which i said just ended recently it’s non other than the vow. It ended on Monday 29th August 2016. 

I was enjoying the show so much: the wise, smart and evil sindoora which I enjoyed her character but not as much as I did with beautiful and honest and strong devotee vydia.

In my head I had imagined that in the end the villain sindoora would be defeated and the two lovely couple vidya and sagar would get married.

But I was so dissapointed when on Monday they were murdered in cold blood by sindoora. I was so mad that I even promised not to watch Indian series again and to make matters worse some of the spoilers said that season 2 will come with the reincarnation of the two adorable characters something which I totally don’t believe in.

I have been wondering why these people can’t just bring short and amazing series like East meets west (saath saath) which is straight to the point and where the villains get what they deserve like Rheka.

 It therefore means that east meets west was my favourite on zee world.

 My favourite couple was Lisa and the first abbhey. Lamita was a bit boring but ode was amazing as well.

But not to worry, I have just suspended watching Indian series for a while and not for good. So in the mean time I will be enjoying our very own African channel ‘African magic epic’ but I also must admit that some times their movies are boring especially when it comes to flash backs like half of the movie just for flash backs but their movies always have a lot to teach.

And finally my favourite shows will always be cartoons, comedies and kids shows. And my favourite tv channel hasn’t changed it’s still Nickelodeon. These days I’m just enjoying the new episodes of Henry danger,Bella and the thundermans.


This just my personal opinion and they are just tv shows so no hard feelings . feel free to say anything and continue watching what you love.

I love you guys and thanks for reading. 

P.s-,(image sources- Google images)