“So how was your Xmas”

Well, for this pass week most of the messages have been getting from friends were, ‘How was your Christmas’, ‘How was new year’s celebration’,Happy new new and the likes.
The truth is that for the first time, I didn’t make it to church on both Christmas and new year’s day. I was so stressed over writing my dissertation proposal that it was the only thing I could think of; with the deadline being second of Jan.

I ended up praying from home following the live Tv service. But it felt like I have betrayed the long Christmas tradition.

The most amazing thing about my Christmas holidays was the fact I celebrated it with all my siblings.  It was fun and interesting and we entered the new year with good health .

Now all that I could ask God for is a prosperous, happy and blessed 2017 for all my friends, family, relatives and well wishers.

I pray for his continued guidance, mercy, grace, love, protection and all that our hearts desire from him this year and all the days of our lives.

So tell me, how was your Christmas or rather how was the holidays in general.

Be blessed and have a lovely and wonderful 2017 and always remember to be thankful to God for everything he has done in your life.