‘The dissertation thing’

Well, I have taken quiet sometimes without sharing the the only reason I can think of for being away is dissertation.

I love writing and researching alot and last year i was so happy when we were told that dissertation writing for undergraduate would be compulsory.

What I didn’t know was that dissertation is so stressing and the most difficult part is not even researching but rather getting your proposal approved and ofcos the literature review.

Getting a topic wasnt difficult for me since i had always wanted to write something on the international criminal court(ICC) and Uganda’s situation.

But then after conducting some research, it turns out that alot has already been written on it. I had to change to something close.. And its something relating to the proposed ‘African court of justice and Human Rights’.

Take it from me, dissertation writing is not easy and i still have a long way to go but what i can tell you is that its easier researching on what you are passionate about.
Thanks for reading.