Day 31:: New year’s Eve:: :: CBC 2017::

It’s new year’s eve… And right now I’m just sitting waiting to see the fireworks display at midnight. 

It has been a great and wonderful year. And now that we are entering 2018, I Want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

I pray that the good lord shower you all with more blessings, mercies,favours and fulfill all your dreams.

Welcome to 2018

Happy new year::

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Day 30:: New year’s Resolutions:: CBC 2017

I will just do some listing;

  1. Commit more time helping others in need and showing care to the people in my life.
  2. ร‡oncentrate on my blog and probably change it to one specific thing and not about everything….
  3. Get famous…lol just kidding. I think being famous is hectic.
  4. Join the fight in ending violence against women and girls.
  5. Validate people in my life more.
  6. Get my driver’s licence.
  7. Concentrate on my look and dressing style.
  8. Lose weight. Yeah I think I have over gained weight this year so I gotta work on this in 2018.
  9. Do medical checkup every month.
  10. Travel more. Well I intend to visit other countries this year. Still haven’t come up with the list of places yet.
  11. Watch less TV and concentrate on other things…. Though not sure if I can do it. I love watching.
  12. Make smart decisions with my money… Plan n save well.
  13. Do a lot of research and writings… Yeah and readings too.
  14. Live a respectful life.
  15. Become closure to God Almighty.

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Happy new year 2018

Day 28:: 2018 wish list:: CBC 2017

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Today’s question- ‘What is on your wish list this year’

Here we go;

  1. Getting closure to God is number one on my wish list this year. Sometimes I forget and have neglected God a few times but I do hope that 2018 will be a year for me to get more closer to God Almighty.
  2. I wish to find my true purpose and destiny and be on top where I have always dreamt I would be.
  3. I wish to get a well paid and permanent job in 2018.
  4. I wish to find the right partner in 2018 to share my life with.
  5. I wish that all my favourite series get renewed for a new season. Whether it being from The CW, ABC, CBS, FOX etc like all the Arrowverse DC series, ABC’s once upon a time or Blackish, grey anatomy, game of thrones among others. Also craving badly for season 2 of famous in love.
  6. I also wish that all my wishes come true in the year 2018. Even the ones that aren’t mentioned here.
  7. Finally, I wish for a peaceful and prosperous 2018. May God bless you all. 

Happy 2018๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‡

Day 26:: Being good:: CBC 2017

Today’s question. ‘Have you been good this year? Be honest.

Hmmm let’s be honest.  

Honestly speaking, I think I have been good this year, but I am also human and sometimes we make mistakes.

(Google image)–“being a good person doesn’t depend on your religion, race, your skin color. It depends on how good is your heart & how good you treat others”.

So have you been good this year?

Day 25:: Merry Christmas:: CBC 2017::

Yeeiiiiii it’s Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy and have fun because Christ is born.

Also enjoy this quote::

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year.


oel Osteen

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Day 24:: Christmas plans: :: CBC 2017::

My plans for 2017 Christmas. Here we go;

Well it’s already an on going plan which started with Christmas eve dinner today n it ended not long ago.

As far as tomorrow is concern, I know other plans might come up during the day but these are the usually…

  1. Waking up early and preparing breakfast.. Plus we are expecting other family members to arrive during the day.
  2. Going to church.. May be not all of us.. Coz lunch needs to be prepared. We always have home made food for Christmas.
  3. Then lunch and a little get together Christmas celebration till evening. 
  4. Anyways eagerly waiting for tomorrow as other plans might come up. 

 Merry Christmas everyone ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

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Day 23:: Christmas outfit:: CBC 2017::

Yes, I always have a special outfit for the holidays.. When i was a kid, I used to wear ready made clothes like the ones flower girls wear.

When I became a little older(15).. I started wearing different versions of kitenge.. African wear. Even last year’s Christmas I wore one.

I bought one for this year’s Christmas as well, green in colour and not a dress but a blouse and pants. 

But i have decided that it is time for change again.. This is 2017. So I’m changing to different versions of dresses something like what I wore on my grad ceremony. But different versions….

So as for this year’s dress… It’s still sealed.. You will just have to wait for the picture afterwards.

Well, still not good at this fashion stuffs… That’s why I love the new show on E- ‘How do I look south Africa’ . Even though I’m not a south African would have loved to be part of it… Sometimes looking good gives you the confidence you need. Wait I think I fear being on TV or reality stuffs but acting sounds great.. Haha.

Anyways I love the show ‘How do I look south Africa’.. Will continue enjoying it.

Thanks for reading.

Day 22:: Christmas play list: ::CBC 2017

My Christmas Play list.

Well, I don’t have Christmas songs on my phone or laptop at the moment, but I have a DVD player which has just jumped to work…lol. But let’s do this, I will list of some of favourite Christmas songs which I intend to burn for next year’s Christmas.

  1. Feliz Navidad- by Jose feliciano. Well you already know that this is my favourite Christmas song.
  2. All the different versions of jingle bells-  by Bobby helms, singing dogs, chubby checker and Bobby rydell.
  3. Silent night –the temptations, and (sleep in heavenly peace) silent night by Barbra Streisand.
  4. Little drummer boy- by Harry someone.. Love the song. And just enjoyed today’s version on lip sync battle performed by AJ.
  5. Let it snow,let it snow,key it snow- by dean martin
  6. The twelve days of Christmas- by Ray conniff singers
  7. Have yourself a merry little Christmas- by Frank Sinatra
  8. The chipmunk song- the chipmunks.
  9. You’re all i want for christmas- by Brook Benton
  10. Give love on Christmas day- by The Jackson five.. I love almost all the Jackson five songs and this one is not an exception.
  11. What Christmas means to me- Stevie Wonder.. Yes I also love most of his songs and also his other Christmas song- someday at Christmas.

    Thanks for reading hope your favourite Christmas song is on the list.

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