Day 23:: Christmas outfit:: CBC 2017::

Yes, I always have a special outfit for the holidays.. When i was a kid, I used to wear ready made clothes like the ones flower girls wear.

When I became a little older(15).. I started wearing different versions of kitenge.. African wear. Even last year’s Christmas I wore one.

I bought one for this year’s Christmas as well, green in colour and not a dress but a blouse and pants. 

But i have decided that it is time for change again.. This is 2017. So I’m changing to different versions of dresses something like what I wore on my grad ceremony. But different versions….

So as for this year’s dress… It’s still sealed.. You will just have to wait for the picture afterwards.

Well, still not good at this fashion stuffs… That’s why I love the new show on E- ‘How do I look south Africa’ . Even though I’m not a south African would have loved to be part of it… Sometimes looking good gives you the confidence you need. Wait I think I fear being on TV or reality stuffs but acting sounds great.. Haha.

Anyways I love the show ‘How do I look south Africa’.. Will continue enjoying it.

Thanks for reading.


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