Day 1:: Lets Talk-Home Alone the movie and DC’s legends of Tomorrow. ::CBC 2017.

Today’s question- My favourite Christmas movie.

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I love watching so much and I have watched several Christmas movies but my favourite remains Home alone. I really enjoyed watching Kevin and his tricks.

But what I really want to talk about today is my favourite Christmas episode.

You may not know this but I’m a super fan of DC Comics and have been enjoying the Arrow verse series; The flash, super girl and Dc’s legends of tomorrow. 

My favourite Christmas episode came from Dc’s legends of tomorrow sn2 I think episode 11. 

Definitely not the killing of General Washington I love the guy. But the main  reason why I enjoyed the episode so much was the fact that the legends went through so much; saving General Washington, Captain Rip murdering Sarah among others. But in the end they all had a lovely Christmas together as a family.

This episode reminded me that Christmas is always a special time, meant to be celebrated no matter what is going on or what has happened.

And finally the legends enjoyed a nice meal that Christmas plus there was gifts sharing. And yes Mr Rory got a rat and he was so excited…. Lol.