Christmas blogging challenge 2017. (CBC 2017)

Hey guys thank you all for your constant follows and visits even when there are no new stuffs.
Anyways, have been googling a lot these days and came across some amazing ideas for blogging this Christmas season.

Come join me and let’s make Christmas season fun.

Thanks God bless you all.

And below is the list of challenges for blogging this December.

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?                    

2. Your 2017 Christmas wish list.

3. Do you believe in Santa?

4. When/ how did you learn that Santa wasn’t real?

5. Favorite Christmas song. 

6. Best gift you have ever received.

7. Most memorable Christmas.

8. Favorite Christmas book.

9. Would you choose a wrapping paper or gift bags.

10. The best gift you have given.

11. Do you travel on the holidays?

12. Favorite Christmas tradition.

13. Favorite Christmas cookie.

14. Write a short poem about the true meaning of Christmas.

15. Elves or reindeer? Why?

16. Selfie or Groupie.

17. Write what Christmas smells like.

18. Write what Christmas sounds like.

19. Favorite Christmas meal.

20. Share an inspirational quote or story.

21. Design and draw your own Christmas tree.

22. Your Christmas play list.

23. Holiday’s outfit.

24. Your plans for 2017 Christmas.

25. Merry Christmas.

26. Have you been good this year? Be honest.

27. Do something kind for someone you do not usually talk to.

28. What is on your wish list this year.

29. Post your best memory of the year.

30. New Year’s resolution.

31. New Year’s Eve.


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