Would you prefer eating Worms or White ants?


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A few years back I use to judge people basing on the kind of food they eat or ( rather the kind of insects they eat).

Many people enjoy different kind of insects for instance in the northern part of Uganda most people enjoy eating white ants something which I enjoy eating a lot whether fried or cooked.

When you come to the central part of the country, here most people enjoy eating grasshoppers something which I use to detest so much. Sometimes looking at it alone would make me puke because to me they were just mere worms.

I use to wonder whether the brains of those people who eat grasshoppers were properly wired.

What I didn’t know was the fact that some of those people felt the same way about my so called ‘White ants’.

But with times I also started enjoying the fried grasshoppers and yes they are so tasty but I still prefer white ants.

So my point is that you should never judge people basing on what they eat because it does not in anyway represents who they are.

I haven’t tried eating worms yet.But if you are to choose between worms and white ants what would be your choice?  And which insect do you like the most and always enjoy eating?

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Thanks for reading have a lovely and blessed week.


17 thoughts on “Would you prefer eating Worms or White ants?

  1. Ants are usually just fried until they are ready eaten dry like snacks and sometimes boiled and then fried with soup.
    As for worms I have no idea how they are prepared.
    Thanks for reading dear.

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  2. Since ants are fried, I would eat them instead of worms! I once read an article that said the world may have to start eating insects if there isn’t enough food. I do pray though that the world will have enough food for everyone.

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  3. oh nancy !!here in India,nobody like to eat ant or worms or grasshopers.we fear from worms n do not kill ants.it is righr mostly indian like meat of goat,sheep,fish etc.i donn’t know more about them because i m vegetarian.eventhough u all eat worms n ants dt is part of ur culture.in china,people eat d snake.

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  4. Oh my there is not an awful lot of bug eating in my part of the world, not that I’m aware of at least. if i had to pick i would pick ants because worms are just squishy and would wicked gross me out. I can’t even bring myself to eat shrimp I feel like it’s just a big ocean bug and I’ll stick with chicken and fish hahaa! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I also do pray for the same, coz it will be very bad if there is not enough food for everyone in the world.

    I can’t even imagine the experience seeing and watching people die from hunger. ( But with God’s mercies, it shall not come to pass).

    Thanks again for reading and sharing.


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