Bloggers Recognition Award


I was nominated for this award i think yesterday by Amanya but didn’t get the time to do it. Thanks so much Amanya for nominating me it is my first award and Please guys don’t forget to check out his blog.

So the rules for the awards are;

Write a post to show the award.

* Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

* Give a brief story about how you started blogging.

* Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers.

* Nominate 15 deserving bloggers.

I guess I have already completed the first two rules.

How I started blogging.

I started my blog this year but I have always loved writing. Before starting the blog, I use to write a lot of stuffs but wouldn’t share them. I learnt a little late about WordPress and how fun it actually is and also the fact that it is free totally inspired me more. (Hoping to upgrade soon).

In general, my blog is not specific or on a particular subject matter, it is about everything and anything.

Advice for the new bloggers:

1. Don’t give up on writing. Sometimes it is even difficult to come up with a topic but giving up is not the solution.

       Continue writing, express your personal thoughts or write something that you are passionate about.. When you love it  people will like it as well.

2. Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself. “Good blog posts are a reflection of you and your thoughts… Your readers will appreciate exactly that”.

Nominating 15 deserving bloggers:

Now this is the rule which am definitely not going to follow, I believe all my readers are deserving bloggers so I will just make a random selection.
1. Bagus mutendi:
2. Liz Achola:
3. Adaugo:
5: Belle unruh:
6: Adaeze:
7: Atim Mercy:
8: K.Bellamy with a purpose:
9: Vibhash:
10:Ameena k.g:

11.Lavieen rose 2196

12:New videos 31

13:camellia cottage

14:Judith praise

15:Lora Tia

Thanks a lot for reading guys it means a lot and thanks again Amanya for nominating me.

P.s I still got another pending nomination but I can’t do it today but will do it as soon as possible.


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