31 Day blog challenge # finale.

After missing for a couple of days it is finally ending today. I must admit that it was a tough challenge but I was able to answer most of the challenge questions.

So let me start with the challenge for day 30:: what is in my makeup bag.

This is very simple because I normally don’t carry a makeup bag with me. I didn’t carried it today either.

Day 31 of 31 :: why I blog ::

 I have plenty of reasons for blogging but I will just mentioned the most important ones.

1. To become a better writer and thinker.

2. To meet new people.

3. To inspire other people.

4. I also started blogging because it’s free.

5. To build my confidence.

6. I think five reasons are enough for now. But let me not forget something important which is reading. I love reading and it so interesting when you have a personal blog because you’ll be exposed to several amazing blogs to follow.

That is all for today, thanks for reading and have a wonderful and lovely weekend.


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