Minimum of 5 fave blogs ::Day 25 of 31


I don’t like today’s challenge at all because I love all the blogs that I follow they all inspire me in one way or another.

But since it’s a challenge I would try to tell you about some blogs that really inspired me a lot.

  1. La vieen rose- her blog tagline reads ‘see the world through rose rimmed glasses’ I just love reading his posts.
  2. clear Dope- ( create your own dream), his blog is amazing including his previous blog Dope life.
  3. Joseyphina- she writes so well her posts are just amazing.
  4. Belle unruh- (who is God?) I just love sharing with her SBD learning from her as well.
  5. Camellia’s cottage- she is amazing.
  6. Eynjay- (My life my story) she has great inspirational stuffs.
  7. Vidushi- so young and very talented. I love reading her posts.
  8. Atim Mercy- ( my life is my message..) the tagline says it all. 
  9. Ikomusana- her blog name reads (Everything and Nothing) so far, I have enjoyed reading her blog a lot and I believe that with that blog name, she still has more to offer.
  10. The Dream- I have just started following his blog recently but I really enjoy reading it. (A faith based lifestyle blog.
  11. I told you I love all the blogs I follow as well as my followers coz they all inspire me in various ways. So I could go on and on . I have even exceeded the challenge limit already so let me stop here.


 ( I thought those quotes were amazing and I decided to share them) I hope you like it.

(Google images)

I like reading your blog guys so just keep on writing and trust your journey.

#happy blogging.


6 thoughts on “Minimum of 5 fave blogs ::Day 25 of 31

  1. I just opened my reader, yours was the first post I saw. And pop came the surprise! I’m humbled, so glad that you believe my blog’s worth a mention! You’re truly inspiring.

    Just a heads up though, it should be ‘her’ not ‘his’. I’m a girl 😛

    All the love to you, have a great day! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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