Dream job ::Day 23 of 31

It’s very difficult for one to actually get his or her dream job but I guess that is why it’s called a ‘ dream job’.

But if you don’t dream about it, you might never get it so I think its better to keep on dreaming even when it seems impossible to achieve or acquire it.

So about my dream job, 

It should be something that I love doing like things to do with computer-( writing,reading, drafting legal documents,giving reviews and others) but don’t get me wrong I love my career and most of the legal work a lot but — going to court- not so much.

And I also like being my own boss. Bosses can be tough sometimes as well as annoying.
Above all, I would like a job that would not deny me the freedom of worship. Some people work constantly through out the week and some jobs are given based on a person’s religion.

But people should always put God first before everything else.

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#what is your dream job?


15 thoughts on “Dream job ::Day 23 of 31

  1. My dream job was to be an archeologist. I loved reading about ancient history and I wanted to dig up ruins and unearth a city. But I didn’t realize this until after I had children. I couldn’t take them along! Still, I’m glad I took care of children most of my life. They are worth it and I’ve been happy doing it.

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  2. It’s amazing Mutendi, I believe that you will achieve your dream job very soon because you are doing a good job with it already.
    Nice blogging☺☺


  3. Nancy… My. Dream job is to one. Day be. Able to house thousands of the less privileged children in my country and. Provide theem wwith basic Amenities and. Education through my foundation.

    Thanks nice post

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