Favourite foods ::Day 21 of 31

Waooh yummy… Delicious…..

Today’s challenge is the best. I know every likes to eat but I love eating. Ok just take a look at my list of favourites, we may have similar tastes.

  1. Chicken

Whether it’s fried chicken or cooked with soup I love chicken.
2.French fries , I love French fries and I eat it almost everyday when I’m at campus.

3. Pork- pork is something that I order very often whenever I go out but I eat it rarely from home. 

 I enjoy fried and roasted pork only.

4. Eggs – eggs is also another thing that I cook oftenly when I’m at campus.

Ilike boiled eggs, fried, omellette and scrambled eggs.

5.Spaghetti, the fact is that I always have spaghetti at lease once every week.

6. Fish- I enjoy both fresh and dried fish.cooked or deep fried.

7. Irish potatoes- I enjoy Irish potatoes a lot, boiled, fried or deep fried.

8. Matooke- I use not to like matooke a lot but after spending 3 years in the central I began to like every bit of it, fried, boiled or smashed.

9. Cassava, sweet potatoes and yams– I decided to group them coz I eat them mainly from the village but still among my favourite foods.

10. Posho and rice.


11. Greens and veggies — I love greens. And we have delious local ones in Northern and eastern Uganda (boo, dodo, otigu, malakwan, sikumawiki) 

12. White ants- it’s also a common dish in Northern Uganda enjoyed by all. I just enjoy the whole process from catching to preparing.


13. Chapatti – another common food when I’m at campus especially Rolex chapatti.

 So delicious!!

14. Pumpkin- I don’t eat oftenly sometimes even once a month but I just love it.


15. Beans – Another fact is that I got tired of eating beans from high school but I still manage to enjoy it. It’s a very common sause from home almost thrice a week.

16. Beef and goat’s meet– not my favourite but something I eat oftenly at least once or twice a week.

17. Liver— of course I was about to forget, but I really enjoy eating liver.

18. Fruits — I love fruits because its healthy and some are really tasty. I love apples, mangoes, oranges,pineapple, and passion fruits.

19. Let me stop here— but I can’t go without mentioning ‘ice cream’ — I love ice cream and my favourite flavour is strawberry but vanilla and chocolate taste great as well.

( Google images )

So what is your favourite foods,, I would love to know.


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