Difficult time in my life ::Day 20 of 31

And the blogging challenge continues…

This is not so difficult, the most difficult times in my life was losing my mom and dad. But it was a few years back and I was able to overcome it with the help from friends, counseling and above all the presence of God in my life.

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#what was your most difficult moment?


9 thoughts on “Difficult time in my life ::Day 20 of 31

  1. The day my grandson died was my most difficult moment. But after the initial shock, I was amazed how God gave me peace. “All things work out together for good for those who love God.” That was the verse that meant the most to me then and now.

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  2. That was truly difficult my dear , I know how you feel.
    As for your friend, I believe that a true friend can’t never ditch the other when that person is facing difficulties.

    Concerning education, I didn’t drop out of school but I was somehow lucky and manage to get a scholarship as well as work and study programs.

    I do pray that God see you through all the difficult moments that you are facing and the ones you have faced already. I know he will give you strength.

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