10 songs I love right now :: Day 5


I don’t really listen to music like all the time but rarely and on Sundays I mainly enjoy listening to gospel songs.

Sorry, i didn’t really have time to come up with a perfect list. But here are some of the songs that I love now. Both gospel n others.

1. A woman is a hero by Juliana

2. Break your sweet  by A Becky G.
Have you seen the music video of this song, well it’s awesome. I really enjoyed it.

3.sorry by Justin Bieber 
I just love the song.

3. You are the one that I love by women of faith

4. See you again-By Wiz khalifa  Furious 7 feat Charlie puth

5.Bang Bang – Ariana feat Nicky minaj

6. Lord I need u – by Chris Tomlin

8. All songs by DON Moen

9. Hill song songs

10. Indian songs, I can’t really list them all but I enjoy them so much from Zee world channel.

Image source – Google images

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