30 Facts about me. Day 2


Can you come up with 30 facts about yourself?
Well, check it out. You never know we might have a lot common.

1. I love you guys so much


The truth is that I was scared that no one will even follow my blog but I’m so happy and love you guys a lot for taking your time to read and follow my blog.

2. My favourite Tv channel is Nickelodeon


I actually enjoy cartoons and other sitcom kids comedies and movies more than adult movies. Even my family members find these weird but I can’t help it I just love watching Nickelodeon.

3. I love cooking
I learn how to cook when I was 10 and ever since then, I have always loved cooking and I prefer home cooked meals to restaurant foods.

4. I’m crazy about watching
Oh my! I can watch like crazy even during examination periods. And in case a particular show,or series is nice, I can spent the entire night watching it.

5. I love playing computer games
Honestly speaking, I can not spend the entire week without playing at least one computer game.

6. I’m afraid of buses
I have always loved travelling by buses but ever since I experienced that one scary accident, I have never gotten over my fears for buses.

7. I have never lied about my age
People always say that girls often lie about how old they are but the truth is that I have never lied about my age not even once coz I don’t see any reason why I should.
P/s my birth date is October 20th 1993.

8. I believe in fairy tales and magic
Funny, but I actually believe in fairy tales in that I think it’s real. Though I guess it’s too much watching, I haven’t really been able to get rid of the belief.

9. I’m terrible when it comes to fashions make ups.
As simple as others might think, I’m so terrible when it comes to fashions because I never really learnt it from anyone and it’s kind of difficult learning stuffs when you are old.

10. I am a good friend
I believe I am, because I get a lot of nice comments from friends and I love making new friends.

11. I can’t swim
I didn’t grow up near water and I never took any swimming lessons – just know I can’t swim

12. Day dreamer
The truth is I day dream a lot. Most of the time I just sit and start imagining what the future would be like – crazy right.

13. My first crush
I had my first crush when I was only 12.

14. I love sports
I actually played football and netball in high school but I enjoy watching basketball and volleyball.

15. I love being part of a club or group
Ever since I was in primary school I have been participating in various clubs, I just love interacting with people.

16. Lazy
I am very lazy when it comes to garden work.

17. I wanted to be a medical doctor
I have always wanted to become a doctor. I love the idea of saving people’s life, but it looks like I will become a lawyer very soon still great though.

18. I am about to experience my first graduation
I have never celebrated my own graduation before but it looks like my dream will come true very soon.

19. I love my family
My family means so much to me, they keep me going at every struggle.

20. I love my life
The truth is that, I used to hate myself so much that I have always wished I was someone else. But the Bible’s preaching that, “we are created in God’s image and each one of us created differently with different purposes really did some wonders in my life.

21. Still single
I’m not married and have never been in a serious relationship. I think I don’t get the whole dating thing clearly.

22. I have had several nicknames.
My current nickname is bemd, it has been the longest so far, I got it when I was in form 5.

23. I am a good crammer
I have always been a good crammer. I started reciting poems when I was only 8 and it would only take me one day to fully prepare.
In 2005, I was among the 5 children in Acholi region who recited war poems that was on the radio for weeks.

24. I am a terrible speaker
I don’t know how and why but I have been a terrible speaker for the past 3 years. Some how I always become shy when in front of people even when I know what I’m talking about and end up forgetting everything.

25. The only law student
Well, I am the only law student in the entire clan and the second in my family to enjoy a university education – I think I’m blessed.

26. My position in class changed after joining the university
Ever since I started studying, my position in class never went beyond 10, I was always among the top 10 except after joining the university – I guess law school is not that easy.

27. I am a good actor
That is just what I think, but I have never really auditioned for any .movie or play  but I did use to act from Sunday school as well as in children rights club when I was still in primary.

28. I attended several schools
I have attended at least 2 different schools at each level of education.
Primary 2schools-
High school (O level) 2 schools and A level 2 schools as well.

29. I love God so much


Above all things I love God so much and I believe in his only son Jesus Christ.

30. I am out of facts to tell.
Thanks a lot for reading.

Image sources-  Google images.

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11 thoughts on “30 Facts about me. Day 2

  1. Amazing…so many of what you have listed is common between the two of us…..for example I don’t lie about my age…I love making new friends….I am not a great speaker either but I try hard..I was once a good crammed of the books…I love my followers too etc.

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