‘Intro and recent pic’ Day 1

About me
I always find it a little difficult talking about myself or giving a brief introduction of myself.
Not to waste time, I am an African female from Uganda age 22 currently studying law and graduating next year July. My full name is AKELLO Nancy Ongom.
I love meeting new people and making friends. Though with no father or mother I have a wonderful family of 3 brothers and 5 sisters, some distant relatives and not forgetting the amazing friends like Leah,Liz and Linah.
I like reading, writing, travelling but watching movies, soaps, comedies and series is what I love the most.
I’m also a Christian but I don’t believe in religion but rather serving God and I respect other people’s beliefs.
Well, I think that is even too much for an introduction.


And this is me one month ago

About this blog
Well, at first I thought of creating a blog about something that I love like talking about movies or academic stuffs.
But then I realized that I have a lot to share so I decided that this blog will be about ‘anything and everything’.
I just want to share and learn from everyone.

Recent pic


And this my most recent pic. I took it myself two days ago although I think I’m a terrible photographer.

#31 day blogging challenge.


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