‘Gun shots’


It was a cold and quiet Sunday evening and i was home alone babysitting my sister’s two kids.
After putting the kids to bed, I decided to enjoy my favourite Sunday program on zee world channel then suddenly I heard a gunshot. At first I thought it was from the TV . then again i heardĀ  three more shots and almost collapsed.
I was so scared that I ran into the bedroom and tried to hide under the bed .

The gunshots went on for up to 30 mins and I thought for sure that the rebels were back and there was nothing I could do.

Even though the gunshots had seized, I was still very scared and couldn’t sleep and stayed up the whole night wondering what had happened as well as the fear of another war.

Well, after a long and scary night, it came a new brighter day and I couldn’t be more happy. I found out that the police and the army had settled the situation since a new rebel group tried to attack the police station.

Just so you know, gunshots can be so scary, because it scared the hell out of me.


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