When you feel like it’s time to give up on writing

Sometimes all I think about is what to write next, whether it will be a great article or whether people will even like it and I end up confusing myself the more and coming up with nothing.
Yet when you come to think of it there are many stuffs to write about like political issues, academic stuffs current affairs, news and gossips, poems, fiction and non fiction stories and so much more.
But the main question that always goes in our heads is whether people will even read them or if they will like our work.
But worry not, in a situation like this, i think it is always good to follow your heart or write what you feel because writing is way so cool and it wouldn’t feel right giving up on it.
I was off for almost a month and wasn’t thinking of coming back at all. But I did realised that I still have a lot to share with the world even though it might not be great it will always touch someone. Besides, It is always good to share with others.
And now I feel like I have a million things to write about.


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