A passion for writing

Many people have different passions and hobbies, some even have more than one.  For instance, I like doing many things like reading, watching movies and many others but what I love the most is writing because;

With writing I always feel at home. I am not under any pressure from any one as compared to speaking in front of a congregation.

With writing, I’m able to express myself well and better.

With writing, I’m able to write how I feel, whatever I feel, current affairs and so much more.

With writing I don’t feel shy. I’m always free to say what I want it’s like I can be anybody that I want. Sometimes i can even imagine myself as a character of favourite TV series.

With writing I’m always happy. Writing makes me so happy even when I’m stressed or having issues.

Writing can also be a passion for anyone, because any person can learn how to write well and better. For those who haven’t tried it yet, just know writing is so amazing and fun.

And lastly, remember to always do what  you are passionate about because it will make you happy and be at peace with your self and more so you can use it to conquer every mountains and challenges that comes your way.


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