‘There is no success like failure’

Have you ever failed at something which you were so sure you would succeed at?,Then you must know that failure ‘sucks’. Failure is so annoying and disappointing and I’m  quite sure that we have all experienced it in one way or another.

Most people are afraid of failing at what they are doing or what they want to achieve yet failure is part of life. It is actually from failure that success is achieved. Success has different meaning to a lot of people for some it is just getting rich or achieving their dreams or even passing exams while for others it is just being happy and having what to eat and a place to sleep and on the other side, most people view failure as an enemy towards success.

In a simple term, success means achieving the desired goals and failure is just the state of not meeting the desired goal.

Failure like I said earlier is so disappointing in that it frustrates a lot of people thus no one desires to fail yet sometimes we can’t avoid it and many people often give up after they have failed several times or even once at whatever they are doing in order to become successful and they end up with the common belief that, “with failure, there can be no success at all” not knowing that they can also learn from their failures.

Seven years ago, I struggled a lot trying to get a scholarship but it was not easy. I tried several scholarship opportunities and was not successful and was always rejected because of either failing the interview or sometimes because of my grades. I thought of giving up several times because I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could succeed, I continued with the search which later on turned out to be so annoying since I was not succeeding at all. After several attempts, I even gave up for one whole year on the search but then I realized that giving up was not a solution so I decided to get back on track and told my self that I was not a quitter and that if I really want to succeed, I must never give up and I kept trying until I was successful at getting a study scholarship.

My determination made me realised a whole new meaning to success and failure in that ‘there is no success like failure’ because first of all, failure makes you realise your mistakes and then after realising your mistakes, you are able to change it while learning from your failures. For instance, I did realised my mistakes after several attempts which was mainly with my grades and answering questions during interviews of which I was able to change and improve through hard work. So just remember that the most important thing is to rise up again each time you fail and to never give up and instead learn from your mistakes.

In addition to the above, failure also gives us the opportunity to try new things so as to achieve our desired goals. The fact is that many people after failing for the first time often comes out with a totally different and new ideas the second time thus giving them the opportunity and chance to try new things and come up with new and cool ideas something which is impossible when you don’t fail. New ideas always leads us to great successes just like Napoleon Hill described, “All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea”.

More so, failure also keeps us humbled. Most successful people are either arrogant or proud which denies them the opportunity to become even more successful. However with failure, we are able to remain Humbled and accept anything that comes our way giving us a greater chance and opportunity to become successful similar to what Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “A great man is always willing to be little”.

Also not forgetting that failure also motivates us to become successful; to achieve the desired goals, people are often motivated by many factors for instance some people are motivated by the success of others but most people in actual sense gets their motivation from their failures and in turn they are encouraged to work hard so as to achieve the desired outcomes.

To sum up, success and failure is part of our lives. We have all either failed or succeeded at various things in life. But the most important thing that we ought to remember is that we can’t escape failure when we want to succeed. In other words, failure is the beginning of most successful journeys and one of the steps towards success and it greatly reminds me of what Summer Redstone stated that, “Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe”.

Therefore, we should remember from time to time that ‘There is no success like Failure.


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