God really saved and changed my life. I was at the lowest point of my life. Life was so terrible and I was ready to give it up. Not realising that I still have my siblings. By then, I didn’t realised how lucky I was to have them.

At the age of 11, my dad died from diabetis, it was so terrible. It was like he carried every thing with him to the grave. The relatives deserted us. We were left with no money or school fees but each other and a mother. Together we were able to pick up the broken pieces and continued living eating one major meal a day.

My mom really worked hard to ensure that we continue with our education by making and selling alcohol and also doing farm work. But little did I know that God was planning to take her too.

It was already two years after the death of my dad and I had gotten a scholarship and was already in a boarding school working hard and believing that I was going to be the solution to my home situation and give a better life to my mom and siblings.

One cold evening after it had rained heavily, I received a visitor at my school around 9pm. I didn’t know who the visitor was but to my surprise it was my elder sister Josephina and she told me that she had come to take me home. I was clueless and wasn’t expecting to find out that my mom was dead because she was never sick.

After reaching the village we slept, the night was very cold and quiet but the next morning I had people crying everywhere even our neighbours and that was when I realised that I had lost yet another loved one since I couldn’t find my mom anywhere.

I was so devastated that I couldn’t even cry, all hopes were lost at that moment. I ate nothing for two days and kept thinking of the fact that we are all alone in the world and seeing our last born twins made me feel worst because they were only four years old.

At my mom’s burial, I had the worst experience ever. I witnessed and saw how wicked some people are including the “so called relatives” who came for the burial. I realized that most people were only there for food, even the offertory money went missing and some of my mom’s clothes went missing  too including the nice one which was placed on her grave. I was so sad and disappointed.

We were left in despair but out of the goodness and mercies of God, my young siblings were taken to an orphanage centre. But still I was so mad and angry with God and I even cursed God for making us poor and for making our life miserable by taking away my loved ones. But I never gave up on my dreams and I continued with my studies and I was performing well amidst all the challenges.

Life at high school wasn’t easy at all, I was always out of place lonely with no friends at all and I fought really hard to be accepted and be like others but I wasn’t successful.

I was so tired of everything that one day I decided to call it quits. I wanted to join my parents so badly that I decided to ride my bike in the middle of the road when a speeding motorcycle was coming. The motorcycle knocked the bike and I felt down injuring myself but I was alive.

At that moment, I realized how God saved me and it changed my life forever. I realize that nothing was more important than life even when you think you have nothing more to live for.

I then realized that I had been wasting my time trying to prove myself to everyone else instead of concentrating on my dreams. So I said to myself, “no more pretending Akechelina”. I decided to just be myself and I was so lucky I found some good friends in highschool because I was not pretending anymore.

Life at the university was the most difficult of all always considering what to eat next, money for notes and many other things but with the help of friends and my siblings who gave up on their studies so that I could pursue my dreams of becoming a medical doctor and the scholarship, I was able to complete my university education.

On my graduation day, I looked at myself and thought of how proud my parents would have been to see what I had become. I wanted so badly to share my life with them but it wasn’t possible but I really thank God for saving me and giving me a second chance  to fulfill my dreams.

So at the end of it all, I was able to fulfill my dreams by becoming a medical doctor now helping my siblings. So whatever you are going through at the moment no matter how difficult you think it is, never give up on your dreams so long as you are still alive because it is possible.

And remember to thank God everyday for the gift of life because some never got the chance some died from the womb and others through wars, accidents and sicknesses. God bless you all.



  1. So sorry to hear about your Parents and yes you are right Life is a gift given by the almighty… Let us all pray to the well being of our close ones..

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  2. It’s true life is a gift from God and we should appreciate God for it everyday. We should embrace life no matter the situation and work hard at fulfilling our dreams

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  3. Dear guy.how much u have sufferd in oposite situation bt always have be as winner.i m proud on u.n salute as guys as u.dear guy plz.can u tell me dt what is AKECHELINA Nsibling.

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